'Faustian bargain': defence fears over Australian university's $100m China partnership

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University of New South Wales says it has conducted due diligence and concerns about research being used for military purposes are drawing ‘a very long bow’

A world-first collaboration between the University of New South Wales and the Chinese government, celebrated as a $100m innovation partnership, opens a Pandora’s box of strategic and commercial risks for Australia, according to leading analysts.

These include the potential loss of sensitive technology with military capability, an unhealthy reliance on Chinese capital and vulnerability to Beijing’s influence in Australia’s stretched research and technology sector.

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Universities … have been frankly a bit wilfully blind to the implications of getting too financially dependent on China

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We won’t know the full extent of the dual use or the full extent of the risk until after the technologies have been shared

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Link : ‘Faustian bargain’: defence fears over Australian university’s 0m China partnership


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