Failure of China's 'straddling bus' shows there's no magic bullet for traffic woes

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The bus lies rusting and 32 people have been arrested. Futuristic transport technology makes great headlines but is not the solution to China’s problems

The plan always seemed a bit too good – or at least too brilliantly weird – to be true. Last year footage and reports about China’s “straddling bus”, a bizarre vehicle that appeared to glide over traffic on roads, went viral and was touted as a solution to the country’s traffic congestion problems.

Now the project has been scrapped and 32 people have been arrested for alleged illegal fundraising in connection with it. Suspicions about the project, which resulted in the creation of some intriguing videos, have grown.

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Link : Failure of China’s ‘straddling bus’ shows there’s no magic bullet for traffic woes


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