'Everyone screamed during the sex scene': backstage at North Korea's f​​ilm festival

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No red carpet, a mystery lineup and 10 foreigners allowed entry … the Pyongyang international film festival isn’t your average affair. But now in its 15th edition, the event is growing – and evolving

There is no red carpet at the Pyongyang international film festival. In 2014, when Hong Yong-hee, the star of the 1972 North Korean classic The Flower Girl, walked into the capital’s International Cinema Hall, she walked on the concrete like everyone else. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea doesn’t build hype around their film stars.

“There isn’t that culture over there,” says Vicky Mohieddeen, creative projects manager of Koryo Tours. Mohieddeen, 34, hails from Scotland and lives in Beijing. “It’s a quite odd festival compared with others,” she says.

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Link : ‘Everyone screamed during the sex scene’: backstage at North Korea’s f​​ilm festival



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