Enough is enough. It's time to protect aid workers

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Attacks on those who respond to global emergencies must be stopped – and the perpetrators must be held accountable

Aid workers are under attack. We are bleeding out from a thousand small cuts. We are being robbed, raped and murdered in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria and countless other places. The reaction from politicians, however, has been only words; promises to do better, pledges to investigate, condolences for our losses. Press releases and political assurances are not enough.

Stories of bombed hospitals and lost civilian lives have become all too common. Whether the death and violence comes from above – as in the devastating attack on the aid convoy near Aleppo – or from nearby, as in the brutalisation, rape and murder of aid workers in the Terrain Compound in Juba, one fact remains the same: those in power with responsibilities to protect humanitarian aid workers have chosen instead to blatantly disregard their obligations under international humanitarian law.

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During a maelstrom of insecurity, we are trapped between choosing ourselves or those we are working to serve

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