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Syd Kaminsky and Michael Meadowcroft on US support for Israel

In your editorial (31 August), you stated that Donald Trump’s attempt to take the issue of the “right to return” off the table was a dangerous move because this was meant to be decided by talks between Israel and the Palestinians. It is generally accepted (I suspect that most Palestinian politicians are realistic in this regard) that Israel (whatever coalition is in power) would never agree to millions of Palestinians “returning” to 1967-border Israel. Thus, while one can berate Trump for removing financial support to Palestinian refugees, it is disingenuous to condemn him for taking off the table what practically will never be on the table (other than as a bargaining chip).

It should also be noted that Palestinian politicians promising their people that they will never give up on a “right to return” and Unrwa’s insistence on labelling Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza as refugees, is a surefire way of guaranteeing that a two-state solution, currently in its death throes, has absolutely no chance of revival. That much Trump is well aware of but, evidently, not the Guardian.
Syd Kaminsky

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