Dogs, Russia and Grayling face questions of intelligence | John Crace

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One of the more stressful things about the Conservative party conference is that there is almost too much fun to be had and it’s hard to know which event to attend. Should I queue for one of the many packed-out Jacob Rees-Mogg fringe gigs – he appeared at so many, there were rumours he had a body double – in the forlorn hope that he might shed some light on how he proposed to resolve the Northern Ireland border issue? Or just hang out at the Cayman Islands exhibition stand and wait for Brexiteers to hand out leaflets on the benefits of tax havens and the low-regulation economy that they had assured us they didn’t want? Then there were Chris Grayling – the idiot’s idiot – claiming the solution to Britain’s post-Brexit transport needs was to improve the slip roads in Thurrock and the charisma-free Jeremy Wright, the culture secretary, desperately trying to persuade everyone that he wasn’t a hologram and that he did really exist. None of the few dozen people in the 1,800-seat auditorium appeared convinced. The most bizarre contribution came from leadership hopeful Sajid Javid after it was pointed out to him that his father wouldn’t have been allowed into the country from Pakistan under the government’s new immigration proposals. How did that make him feel, asked the Guardian editor, Katharine Viner, who was chairing the event. “Extremely optimistic,” Javid replied. Who knew the home secretary hated his father quite that much?

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Link : Dogs, Russia and Grayling face questions of intelligence | John Crace


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