Despite the 'peace process', Afghanistan's anguish endures | Kate Clark

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US engagement has helped Trump but done little for Afghan civilians, as the brutal attack on a maternity hospital shows

Many terrible crimes have been perpetrated in Afghanistan’s 42 years of war. Yet the attack on the maternity wing of a Kabul hospital on 12 May was unprecedented and particularly devastating. Even in a country where bloodshed has become grimly familiar, this attack was unbearable.

The gunmen had passed through general wards to kill mothers: women who were pregnant, giving birth or with their newborns. They killed 24 people; apart from one midwife and two babies, all were mothers. The footage of one tiny baby wrapped in a blood-drenched blanket carried out during the four hour-long attack seemed to symbolise the despair felt by many: a child born in Afghanistan can barely draw breath before war engulfs her.

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Link : Despite the ‘peace process’, Afghanistan’s anguish endures | Kate Clark



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