'Cockroaches' and 'old hags': hounding of the North Korean diaspora in Japan

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Japan has 600,000 Korean residents, many descended from forced wartime labourers. While 150,000 claim loyalty to Pyongyang, all face hostility because of the regime’s behaviour

As a Korean resident of Japan, Lee Sinhae knows only too well how quickly, and cruelly, political tensions find expression in personal abuse.

The freelance writer has acquired an unwanted public profile after winning a court case last year against the extremist group Zaitokukai for defamation. Its former leader, Makoto Sakurai, had called Lee a “Korean old hag” online and during street demonstrations. “Zaitokukai members even told me to get out of Japan and go back to Korea, even though I was born here,” said Lee.

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Link : ‘Cockroaches’ and ‘old hags’: hounding of the North Korean diaspora in Japan


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