'Clear him out': Palestinian tenants struggle to rent in west Jerusalem

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In this divided city, an Arabic name can severely limit the ability to find a home – and anti-discrimination laws don’t cover private housing

The new housemate seemed perfect. A young professional from Jerusalem, fluent in multiple languages, he gelled well with the other tenants. After a short sublet, he asked to be officially added to the lease so he could apply for a parking permit.

The landlord became angry and refused. The would-be-housemate had a distinctly Arabic name and the landlord said he wouldn’t rent to a Palestinian. In a text message to one of the other housemates, a British-Israeli teacher, the landlord wrote that he didn’t want a “non-Jew” renting and ordered them to “clear him out as soon as possible”. When the housemates pushed back, the landlord threatened to come with his brothers, change the locks and throw them out.

Many [Palestinian] people I’ve talked to find it very, very hard to find someone who will be willing to rent [them] a house

The trouble is in this country – and especially in Jerusalem, where you really feel the conflict – is it is hard to be a liberal

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Link : ‘Clear him out’: Palestinian tenants struggle to rent in west Jerusalem


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