Chinese reporter's spectacular eye-roll sparks viral memes and censorship

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Liang Xiangyi showed theatrical disdain for a colleague’s soft-ball question to a minister at a press conference

For years foreign correspondents have debated whether to boycott the pantomime press conferences Beijing uses to present a facade of transparency during its annual political summits.

On Tuesday one Chinese journalist hinted – in side-splitting fashion – at which side of the row she was on with an eye-roll so theatrical it set the internet alight and – in these politically treacherous times – may also have landed her in trouble.

蓝衣服 :第一财经电视记者 梁相宜
红衣服 :原供职于中央电视台的、曾任职中国旅游与经济电视台执行台长,现全美电视台台长张慧君。假外媒,口中称“我国”。


Amazing to see how these two ladies just exploded over Chinese social media in the span of a few hours. Fan art in the making #RedBlueCamps

For the record, here is the question that started the epic eye-roll, with a punch line to boot.

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Link : Chinese reporter’s spectacular eye-roll sparks viral memes and censorship


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