Chinese fishmeal plants leave fishermen in the Gambia all at sea | Hannah Summers

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Scientists and campaigners warn that factories in coastal villages are wreaking environmental and economic havoc

Before the arrival of fishmeal factories in the Gambia, Musa Duboe would catch red snapper and barracuda to be sold at the local market. But his income had begun to dwindle due to depleted stocks.

Then in 2016 the Chinese-owned fishmeal plant Golden Lead began operating out of the coastal town of Gunjur, increasing demand for fish to export for overseas aquaculture.

Tanji fish market; top right, fish trader Isatou Darboe cleans fish and prepares it for smoking in Gunjur village

Fish traders Isatou Darboe (left) and Matilda Jobe wait for fishing boats to arrive, in Gunjur

A Chinese fishmeal factory by the beach in Kartong village

Women check the catch of the day on the beach in Gunjur

Smoking fish in Gunjur

‘The beaches that were once beloved by tourists are covered in reeking fish carcasses’

Discarded sardinella, which was refused by a Chinese fishmeal plant due to lack of capacity

A waste pipe belonging to Golden Lead

The Golden Lead Chinese fishmeal factory, standing between the beach and Bolong Fenyo salty lake, which is allegedly still polluted

Clockwise from top left: a baby whale on the beach in November 2018 in Gunjur; a dead bird in front of JXYG Chinese fishmeal factory, October, in Kartong; dead fish at Gunjur beach; a dead turtle in Kololi/Bijilo

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Women get ready to buy fish as the canoes come back to the shore at Gunjur

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Link : Chinese fishmeal plants leave fishermen in the Gambia all at sea | Hannah Summers


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