China pivots to tackle 'silent' Covid-19 carriers as US says a quarter of cases may have no symptoms

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Authorities in China will release tally of asymptomatic patients and order them into quarantine for 14 days as infections rise again

Chinese authorities have shifted their focus to tackling “silent”, or asymptomatic, carriers of the coronavirus as part of the next phase of the pandemic, amid concern among US health chiefs that a quarter of patients do not suffer symptoms.

The National Health Commission in China said it would start releasing a tally of asymptomatic patients from Wednesday and would order those cases into quarantine for 14 days, after the mainland witnessed its first rise in infections in five days.

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Donald Trump has warned of a “very painful” two weeks ahead, amid forecasts from officials of as many as 240,000 deaths in the US, even with existing containment measures in force.

The captain of the aircraft carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt has urged authorities to evacuate at least 4,000 sailors from his vessel in Guam to tackle an outbreak of the virus. Lives were at risk, said Captain Brett Crozier, because the vessel did not have enough quarantine facilities.

Brutal enforcement of lockdown measures across the world has emerged, with reports of deaths during curfew enforcement, beatings and other humiliating punishments.

France, Italy, Spain, Russia and the UK recorded their highest daily death tolls. UK deaths were up 381 from 1,408 on the previous 24 hours and represents a 27% day-on-day increase – by far the biggest. Italy’s death toll rose by 837.

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Link : China pivots to tackle ‘silent’ Covid-19 carriers as US says a quarter of cases may have no symptoms



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