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As Barack Obama left China at the conclusion of his final G20, he painted a picture of the benefits of international financial cooperation and called for the positive aspects of globalization to be shared fairly. “The complicated challenges of the 21st century cannot be met without coordinated action,” the US president said. Meanwhile, Chinese media claimed that reports of poor treatment shown to Obama and his entourage on his arrival in China were sensationalized by the western press. Unlike other world leaders, Obama was not offered a red carpet as he stepped off Air Force One, and one local official told a White House staff member: “This is our country! This is our airport!” Beijing’s anger can be explained by US policy in the South China Sea, said international affairs expert Shen Dingli, and its deployment of a missile defence system in South Korea. “The US should know well what they have done to upset China,” Dingli wrote. Obama described his meeting on the sidelines of the summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin as “candid, blunt and business-like”. The two discussed cyber intrusion, Obama said, adding that the US’s goal was “not to duplicate cyber escalation that we saw in other arms races in the past, but rather to institute some norms. We cannot have a situation where this becomes the wild, wild west”. US intelligence and law enforcement agencies are investigating what they see as a Russian operation in America to undermine trust in the upcoming presidential elections, the Washington Post reported on Monday morning.

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