Catholic Herald refuses to publish torture victim's article

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Magazine that ran piece about God’s love by former MI6 chief Sir Mark Allen rejects response from man who suffered rendition to Gaddafi’s prison

In early August, the Catholic Herald published an article by Sir Mark Allen, “The saints’ answer to terrorism”.

Written in the wake of the murder on 26 July of the French priest, Jacques Hamel, it was a sensitive response to the crime.

“They teach us that beyond our human estimations of value, our Darwinian approval of conflict and survival (if not winning), there lies a greater order, dimly perceived by the eye of faith, but reaching out further and wider, deeper and more secretly than we can understand, known in mystery only to God, the order of Love.”

“This was the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over recent years.”

Have a dozen years passed since that first summer in Tajoura prison? To me, it feels like moments ago. Surely it cannot have been 12 years since I was hung strappado in Gaddafi’s cells…

Surely less time since my wife, heavy with child, was turned out of her cell to give birth. Moments since our son, born early, with no more heft than a loaf of bread, clung to his tiny life in the dictator’s shadow. You write of sacrifice and I wonder whose sacrifice you meant.

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Link : Catholic Herald refuses to publish torture victim’s article


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