British MP calls on Twitter to release Russian 'troll factory' tweets

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Damian Collins wants to see posts linked to British politics after Twitter gave list of suspended Russia-linked accounts to US intelligence committee

A senior British MP has called on Twitter to release examples of UK-related postings linked to a Russian “troll factory”, citing concern at possible “interference by foreign actors in the democratic process of the United Kingdom”.

Damian Collins, the chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, said he wanted to see examples of posts about British politics after Twitter handed a list of 2,752 accounts to the US intelligence committee, all of which it had suspended for being linked to Russia.

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Prime Minister would not have spoken out on Russia without briefing from our spooks when can Parliament be briefed @BBCr4today ?

I know diplomacy is complex and requires subtlety but if we know what they are doing and the PM has decided to call it out in a big speech, why are we still letting them continue?

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Link : British MP calls on Twitter to release Russian ‘troll factory’ tweets


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