Blocked roads then bullets: Iran's brutal crackdown in its City of Roses

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An internet blackout hid the state’s response to unrest in Shiraz. Interviews with activists and an analysis of social media posts reveal what happened

“What are you scared of?” the woman in the black coat shouts. “Help me to understand.” She marches up to a man in uniform guarding the petrol station. “You’re ruining us,” she screams, as the man walks away.

The exchange comes from footage taken around 1am on Friday 15 November in the south-central Iranian city of Shiraz. Hours earlier, in a surprise announcement, Iran’s government had said it was raising the price of fuel by up to three times, adding to the strain on a population already struggling with an economy suffocated by US sanctions.

فیلم‌های ارسالی: ببینید امروز شنبه شیرازی‌ها در اعتراض به گرانی بنزین چگونه دست به اعتراض جمعی زدند. تلگرامم 0017184064505

ویدئوی بدست آمده از معالی آباد شیراز
شلیک از بالای کلانتری به مردم
خبرها حاکی از آن است که بیش از ۱۰۰ نفر در شیراز کور شده‌اند
نیروی انتظامی با اسلح ساچمه‌ای به مردم تیراندازی کرده، به صورت و چشمان معترضین شلیک شده و افراد زیادی بینایی خود را از دست داده‌اند#StopIranBloodshed

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Link : Blocked roads then bullets: Iran’s brutal crackdown in its City of Roses



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