Big Fish & Begonia review – China's bizarre answer to Studio Ghibli

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A god-like teenager travels to earth and falls for a boy who soon becomes a two-inch whale in this singularly strange animation

Nothing ever quite makes sense in this beautiful if bonkers fantasy from China. The mix of hand-drawn and digital animation really is gorgeous, almost as good as Studio Ghibli, but watching it feels a bit like spying on someone else’s dream. The story meanders and rambles, taking us on trippy flights of fancy with a baffling disregard for plot or logic.

The setting is a parallel world beneath our oceans where mystical beings called the Others control the balance of nature on Earth. Teenager Chun can make plants grow with a click of her fingers; her grandfather, a hipster-ish God-like dude with flowing white hair and eyebrows, runs the show. When Chun is sent to Earth – in the form of a red dolphin, inexplicably – she falls in love with a boy who drowns rescuing her from a fishing net.

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Link : Big Fish & Begonia review – China’s bizarre answer to Studio Ghibli


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