Baghdad Central review – more than just a Middle East Morse

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Waleed Zuaiter stars as an out-of-favour cop forced into a risky pact, in a thrilling drama that puts Iraqi lives front and centre

After seven seasons of Homeland, it’s nice to see an Iraq war-set thriller that centres on Iraqi lives for a change. Nice because it’s the right thing for a socially conscious broadcaster to commission, but also just nice because it makes for some refreshingly original entertainment.

In Baghdad Central (Channel 4), Waleed Zuaiter stars as Inspector Muhsin al-Khafaji – an experienced but out-of-favour Baghdad cop who is forced into a risky collaboration with the occupying forces when his eldest daughter (Leem Lubany) goes missing, and his younger daughter (July Namir) requires kidney dialysis. You may recognise Zuaiter from Sex and the City 2, where he was the souk-trader stereotype who tried to cajole poor, innocent Charlotte into buying knockoff designer gear. Or perhaps you know him better as the terrorist from various post-9/11 action-dramas including London Has Fallen and Homeland. Either way, it is likely you won’t have seen him in a role that does justice to his star quality and soulful eyes the way this one does.

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