Australian PM accuses Russian military of hacking US Democrats' emails

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Scott Morrison claims Russian intelligence agency GRU behind cyber-attack during 2016 presidential campaign

Australia’s government believes Russian military officials hacked and leaked the emails of senior US Democrats during the 2016 presidential election campaign, before the documents were published online.

It claims the Russian operatives were members of the GRU, a Russian military intelligence agency, and the hack was not their only attack.

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In October 2017, BadRabbit ransomware infected victims in Ukraine and Russia, interrupting businesses and critical national infrastructure, including energy and transport sectors.

In August 2016, the Russian military released confidential medical files relating to a number of international athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency has stated publicly that this data came from a hack of its anti-doping administration and management system.

In 2016, the US Democratic National Committee was hacked by the Russian military and documents were subsequently published online.

Between July and August 2015, multiple email accounts belonging to a small UK-based TV station were accessed by the Russian military and content was stolen.

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Link : Australian PM accuses Russian military of hacking US Democrats’ emails


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