Assad regime's starve or surrender strategy 'a crime against humanity'

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Amnesty report examining sieges and evacuation deals published weeks after images of starving baby in Ghouta brought plight of trapped Syrians into focus

Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in Syria have committed crimes against humanity through their “starve or surrender” strategy and sieges that have devastated areas controlled by the opposition, a report by human rights watchdog Amnesty International has concluded.

The report, to be released on Monday, examines four “reconciliation” deals between the Assad regime and the opposition in Aleppo, Homs and Darayya as well as an agreement that included four besieged towns, two by the government and two by the rebels, and which led to the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians after years-long sieges and indiscriminate bombardment.

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Link : Assad regime’s starve or surrender strategy ‘a crime against humanity’


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