Assad crackdown on Idlib could trigger a refugee ‘catastrophe’

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Syrian refugees could push on into Turkey as thousands flee bombardment of last rebel-held province, warn migrant workers

The assault by Bashar al-Assad’s regime on the last Syrian province under rebel control could spark a “new wave of migration”, a top Turkish official has warned, amid growing alarm over a campaign that has displaced more than 100,000 people.

The fighting in Idlib, which has intensified in recent days amid rebel counterattacks, has raised fears of a humanitarian catastrophe in an area already crowded with refugees. “This displacement is the biggest perhaps in the Syrian revolution since its beginning until today,” said Mounir Mustafa, the deputy chief of the civil defence rescue workers organisation known as the White Helmets.

The intensified attacks in Idlib will … cause new suffering

The bombing is constant. It’s not daily but hourly, on the whole region, and it seems to be completely random

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Link : Assad crackdown on Idlib could trigger a refugee ‘catastrophe’


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