'Ashamed': South Koreans chilled by Kim Jong-un's cuddles

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Government of Moon Jae-in faces backlash for trying to soften citizens’ impression of North Korean dictator

When President Moon Jae-in of South Korea embraced Kim Jong-un with a broad smile on an airport tarmac in Pyongyang, a crowd of North Koreans released a deafening cheer. But in Seoul, Choi Hyo-joo winced at the display of affection, troubled that the ruler of a brutal regime was treated so warmly.

“It’s embarrassing – Kim Jong-un is a dictator who threatened the world to bring them to the negotiating table,” Choi said. “It drives me crazy. We can talk to him without undermining our values.”

Now, please enjoy this breezy S. Korean government montage of Moon and Kim’s fast-blossoming friendship. pic.twitter.com/vwSmvW91z1

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Link : ‘Ashamed’: South Koreans chilled by Kim Jong-un’s cuddles


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