Archbishop of Canterbury expresses 'grief and sorrow' at plight of Palestinians

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Justin Welby listens to testimonies of Palestinian Christians who lost land after building of vast wall near Bethlehem

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, has spoken of his “profound grief and sorrow” after hearing the testimonies of Palestinians whose land has been put beyond their reach by the vast concrete wall Israel has built near Bethlehem.

After saying prayers for the people of Bethlehem and neighbouring Beit Jala in the shadow of the eight-metre high separation barrier, Welby said: “You cannot come and hear the testimonies I heard, you cannot hear from the people who live here, without your heart becoming heavier and heavier, and more and more burdened, with that sense of people whose history has led them to a place where all they have known is disintegrating.”

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Link : Archbishop of Canterbury expresses ‘grief and sorrow’ at plight of Palestinians


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