Analysts dissect Trump's bizarre summit trailer: 'Perhaps it's a way to bond'

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Washington analysts described the film Trump showed Kim Jong-un as more similar to a property developer making a hard sell

Donald Trump’s salesman pitch to Kim Jong-un included a bizarre video, in the style of a Hollywood trailer, to persuade the North Korean dictator that he can be “a hero” by choosing peace and prosperity over nuclear weapons.

The four-minute film, contrasting images of warplanes and artillery with skyscrapers and speedboats, portrays Trump and Kim as the stars of history in the making – “two men, two leaders, one destiny” – with the US president getting top billing. The narrator suggests that “a new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill”.

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Link : Analysts dissect Trump’s bizarre summit trailer: ‘Perhaps it’s a way to bond’


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