Amid the rubble, Aleppo tries to return to normal life

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Even though conditions are dire, the remaining citizens of the once thriving city are trying to pick up the pieces of their former lives

Near Aleppo’s ancient citadel, the scent of rose and jasmine rises from the rubble of a half-destroyed shop covered in bullet holes. Months ago it was a battleground, but for years before that it was a perfumery, and war has not changed its smell.

For centuries Aleppo’s souk, its alleyway marketplace, was world-famous. The city was one of the westernmost points on the Silk Road and in both modern and ancient times it was full of haggling customers, canny businessmen, donkeys, and piles of goods – pistachios, za’atar and soap – from across the region.

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We’ve had six years of this, and they’re living. They like life, they like humour

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