Alleged Trump boast to Russians could wreck the trust of America's allies

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The country’s vital intelligence-sharing alliances could see permanent damage if it proves true that Trump shared highly classified information at a recent meeting

Donald Trump’s Oval Office boasting to the Russians, if confirmed, could wreak its deepest and most enduring damage on vital intelligence-sharing by US allies.

A similar erosion of trust in the president’s loyalties and competence appeared to have accelerated among Trump’s political allies in Washington. As the White House fought back hard against the Washington Post report, which was confirmed on Tuesday night by several other US news organisations, it was unclear how far his support from the Republican establishment – essential to his survival as president – had been weakened.

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People may die, including Americans, if fear over Trump leaking leads to refusal to share sensitive information

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Link : Alleged Trump boast to Russians could wreck the trust of America’s allies


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