Aid cuts show Australia's true attitude to the Palestinian cause | Saeb Erekat

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While the Australian government may still verbally endorse the ‘two-state solution’, its actions say otherwise

While some people were dismayed by the latest decision by the Australian government to cease its financial contributions to the Palestinian government, we weren’t. It was not a complete surprise following Australia’s alignment with the current US administration during the latest United Nations vote, whereby Australia and the US voted against the Palestinian right of self-determination, an international commission of inquiry following the killings of over 100 civilians, and a call for international protection of the Palestinian people. We believe it is time for the Australian government to be sincere about their goals in Israel/Palestine and clearly state what their actions are doing: endorsing Israeli attempts at burying the Palestinian cause.

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Link : Aid cuts show Australia’s true attitude to the Palestinian cause | Saeb Erekat


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