Afghan women’s voices must be heard in US-Taliban peace talks | Letter

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Letter from more than 600 Afghan women and youths, supported by civil society organisations and public figures including Arundhati Roy, Margaret Atwood and Gloria Steinem as part of the Time4RealPeace campaign

Over the last 17 years, we have fought to bring women’s voices and interests into Afghanistan’s political, social and cultural institutions, against a backdrop of ongoing violence. We are civilians, teachers, doctors, activists, students and artists who have collectively and individually created space to advocate both for ourselves and for peace in our country. Many of our leaders have paid with their lives for this progress. We have built on the sacrifices of Malalai Kakar, Hanifa Safi, Najia Sediqi, Safia Amajan, Farkhunda Malikzada and Islam Bibi, and we stand on the shoulders of all the other women who have given their lives in the struggle for the same progress. We, the women of Afghanistan, will not go backwards.

The gains made from these hard-won battles are now being threatened by a deal that excludes our interests and voices and ignores the representation we have fought for. It is at this critical moment for the future of our young people, our women and our democracy that we ask for global solidarity, so we can continue to build on our victories.

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Link : Afghan women’s voices must be heard in US-Taliban peace talks | Letter


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