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It’s great you can name the Dolce and Gabbana models (G1, page 9, 24 September), but why not the “demonstrator” on your front page? After all, he’s been in your photos before. His name is Steve Bray and he is well known and respected among remainers. He protests outside the Commons when it is in session and has done so every day since the referendum.
Ellie Sedgwick
Westhall, Suffolk

• I wonder if there isn’t a smidgen of gender-stereotyping in Hadley Freeman’s tale of a male tutor in her university years (Weekend, 22 September). I was a female student in the late 1960s and at that time some of us used, scornfully, to call the sort of tutor’s actions she describes as “trying it on”, some of us showed off our supposed sexual liberation, and more than one of us, dear reader, married him. Isn’t the gender/power scene more complex and more complicated than it seems to be here?
SF Melrose
Deal, Kent

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