'A glorified photo op': your responses to the Trump-Kim summit

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Readers are sceptical of Singapore summit’s potential impact and concerned about future diplomacy

Any president of the last 30 odd years could have met the dictator of North Korea, they didn’t because they did not want to legitimise them without concrete commitments to something beneficial. Trump has legitimised Kim, getting nothing in return, apart from a promise to work toward denuclearisation. One just has to look at the agreements Trump makes and breaks to see what that is worth. AntiT

The summit is nothing more than a glorified photo-op, but optics count. These flag-heavy photos will greatly extend the influence and the power of both these men – particularly Trump, who will be credited with having tamed a small but vicious beast. As for Kim, his regime will now be safe, until it isn’t – he can go on oppressing his subjects with apparent impunity, under the ghastly Francis Bacon umbrella of Trump patronage, but the moment he actually gives up his WMDs, the US will crush him like an egg, as it crushed Gaddafi, and install some corrupt but tame dictator in his place. This is what has become of diplomacy in the age of Trump, and the most horrible thing is that it seems, at least for the time being, to work. MrDaydream

Anyone else feel slightly uneasy as if this is a modern day Munich Conference moment where both leaders can go home and claim “peace in our time” before ending up going to war because the other side wasn’t playing by the rules they’d agreed on? Rather than a peace conference, this could well be the prelude to war that neither side will win. Hippaferalkus

So sad to see Trump the POTUS showing more affection and genuine handshake to North Korea than to his own allies like Canada and Germany. Have now lost all respect for the man. I shudder for all our democracies when the so called leader of the free world shows more love for a dictator. ShaneinQLD

I have to say I’m a bit concerned by the at times almost Pavlovian impulse of “wow this is so great, we’re witnessing history” I’ve seen around today.

Aside from the fact past US presidents steadfastly refused meet with North Korea for a good reason (that global recognition risks legitimizing and rewarding its behaviour, including its atrocities against its own people, and galvanizes Kim’s power and ability to cause further pain in the future), just think of the nauseating contrast we’ve seen from Trump this week, turning his back on Americas closest democratic allies and trade partners, actively snubbing and insulting other world leaders at the G7 conference – and threatening, denigrating and declaring actual trade wars on countries who’ve fought and died with America. enigmasaurus

For years people have been calling for dialogue rather than threats with the north, how silly it looks now when those same people are criticising Trump for this meeting.

The worst thing is that it’d appear large numbers of people are rooting for the collapse of the talks rather than peace for the Koreans across the peninsular. How sad. Jacek Kaminski

There’s a lot of words being put into other people’s mouths when saying Trump’s critics now look foolish: nobody predicted a disaster. But if this is the best that can be said for the summit then it says that it was pretty much a failure, at least given the hype from someone who calls himself a master negotiator.

What plenty of people suggested would happen is that despite all the pre-summit promises that nothing much would happen and nothing much has happened. You can blame Trump – he promised a lot and has delivered little. A nice photo-op though. Addicks123

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